Hippo Rope Toy

Hippo Rope Toy


Hank the Hippo can live on land and in water, two great places to call home. Hank knows many animals don't even have a home and wants to help! When you purchase this toy, Jax and Bones donates a 10% of the proceeds to rescue groups to help homeless animals find their forever home. Hank the Hippo Good Karma Rope Toy is hand-tied and dyed using non-toxic vegetable dyes. As your doggie chews, the rope toy frays and acts like doggie dental floss. Dip toy in water and freeze to cool down a hot dog or soothe a teether. This toy is for heavy chewers. **BEST SELLER!**


**DOGS SHOULD ALWAYS BE SUPERVISED WHEN PLAYING WITH ROPE TOYS.** Clip off parts of the toy that become untied and dispose of toy when unravelled. This toy is meant to be chewed and eventually destroyed during play. If your pet is a heavy chewer, choose large or jumbo sized toys and/or dip toy in water and freeze to prolong play . These toys act as doggie dental floss. Dip in water and freeze! 100% Eco-Friendly and made with chemical-free natural vegetable dyes. Tied using AZO-free cotton rope. Machine wash and dry.

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